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the seed was sown when rafe stole the advert.


his lopped side violin and keys gelled beautifully with peter's notion

of songs and rambling guitar.

ben didn't have time for another band, but johnny, his close friend came with much recommendation, and deservedly so.

he plucked the sexy end.

shane came with poor recommendation from (poor) acquaintance


he brought a life of chaos balanced wonderfully with….

a masterful and lonely tight drum beat

peter finally persuaded his new and relatively shy next door neighbour clare to blow her horn, patter her keys and….

siren her voice

they were set. friends for life.

oh, they also made music. and some fine records……

4 stunning 7" pieces of vinyl.

drummers 'n summers and double bummers

shane lost more than drums, his car, wallets, money, scarfs, gloves, ice cream………even himself… life, music, sculptures and art and puppets and…..

stephen of the trash can sinatras kindly stepped in for a bit

whilst his own outfit were having a sabbatical paddle in the a breathless sea again!

he played some fantastic gigs and recordings

such a unique, talented, natural groovy cuddle. and he can play too

laterly andy joined in to help

for the short bursts of time that his flame let him out of her arms.

they're still the same!

and an album available now too with some quite stunning unheard gems